What to Pack for Your Hospital Stay

When I first learned in my pregnancy that we were having twins, I prayed and wished with all my might that I would not have to do the dreaded bed rest. At that time, I had no idea I would actually live in the hospital for almost 8 weeks. It turns out, it wasn’t near as bad as I imagined. And, I did my hospital stay out of state, away from most of my family and friends. Let me say, if I can do it, anyone can! I am very extroverted and social and my biggest concern was how I would keep my sanity being alone so much. To my surprise and with the right setup, it wasn’t bad. Honestly, I mostly enjoyed it.

Considering everything I packed (which was A LOT) I made a list of the most useful and comforting things that transformed my hospital room into my temporary home.

Your own clothes

⁃ Comfy!

⁃ Various sizes depending on how long you could be there – I grew out of most of my clothes in the seven weeks I was there (if you are pregnant)

⁃ Clothes that are comfy but you feel comfortable wearing around the hospital, if you are allowed (I was)

⁃ House Slippers! Hospital floors are gross, but this is your new home, so comfy is good

⁃ Can I say comfy one more time?


⁃ A device to watch your shows. Cable reruns get old fast. I had a Firestick which hooked up great to the hospital tv and wifi.

⁃ Tablet. I had my iPad to watch shows, social media, and read my digital books. Did I need both? Nope. Did I like having both? Yep!

⁃ Books! I’m a big reader, but also a mom. I read more in the hospital than I’ve read in years!

⁃ Adult coloring books and pretty pens. This was a good way to do something with my hands while I listened to a podcast or music.

⁃ Notebook for journaling. I will admit I did not do this much. My social worker suggested writing three good things about our day every day. I did this on days I felt pretty down and I think it helped.

Bring your home to the hospital

⁃ Favorite blanket

⁃ Pillow

⁃ Curtains

⁃ Essential oils and diffuser

⁃ Pictures of family and friends

⁃ Hang things up!!!

Your child’s things, if you have a child at home

⁃ Pack n play or nap mat

⁃ Toys

⁃ Snacks

⁃ Drinks

⁃ Cups or bottles

Bathroom items/toiletries

⁃ Makeup! Get ready every day. Trust me on this one.

⁃ Hair products (okay, I was guilty of not fixing my hair, like ever, in the hospital) but in case that’s your thing

⁃ Your own toilet paper 🧻

⁃ Shampoo & conditioner & body wash & face wash & razor & lotion (lots and lots of lotion!) & belly oil

*pro tip- if you are doing monitoring or ultrasounds, have the nurse or tech use lotion instead of petroleum jelly to avoid dry, itchy skin – especially if pregnant

Mini Kitchen

⁃ Snacks

⁃ Plates, plastic ware and napkins

⁃ Other food to avoid room service. I ate cereal in the morning (and before bed… hey, I was pregnant with twins..) so I wouldn’t have to wait 45 minutes for room service’s breakfast

I hope that your hospital stay is quick but enjoyable. This may sound like an oxymoron, but I am a firm believer that things are as good as you make them. Stay positive, you’ve got this!!

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