I will never forget the day I found out my baby was not A baby but TWO babies. I was 14 weeks pregnant and actually planned to skip my second appointment because I was in-between insurance having just switched jobs. But I started doing what I’m sure most pregnant moms do, started worrying

something was wrong. When I laid on my back I could already feel the baby bump, around the size of an orange. Since I had been pregnant before, I knew this was pretty early to feel that.. certainly that can’t all be baby. Not only that, but I had been very sick so far, much worse than my first pregnancy. Even being 14 weeks none of my symptoms had let up. So for my own peace of mind, I decided to go to the appointment and just pay out of pocket.

We ended up waiting what felt like forever for our appointment. I was not feeling well and remember telling my husband that even though we talked about having three kids or more, I didn’t want to be pregnant ever again. We already had a 1.5 year old and I was adamant that I should get my tubes tied in my c-section.

We finally get into her office and she puts the probe to my belly. I was already nervous and then we see the baby. It looked so weird. None of what I was seeing made any sense. Almost like the baby had two heads. I was so freaked out and then realized the doctor and my husband must have thought it looked weird too based on their expressions. I hesitantly asked ..”ummm, is everything OK???“ She and my husband both started saying.. “there are two babies!!” No way. There was no way. I was in SHOCK! I didn’t believe it. And then one of the babies moved and 2D image of a weirdly shaped baby was very clearly two babies moving around. My husband said “well we said we wanted three!” To say I freaked out would be an understatement! My first thoughts were HOW can I have TWO babies. I had a baby already, not even a year and a half yet. He was a handful and a lot of work, even being a super great baby. How could I possibly have two more? Then the thoughts of daycare, diapers, formula, and every other baby related expense completely overwhelmed me. There were a lot of words coming from my mouth but I wouldn’t exactly describe them as coherent. Some curse words of shock and a lot “WHAT?”. We eventually make it out of the office and down to the lobby. We sat there with our ultrasound pictures of two babies. We definitely couldn’t keep this to ourselves so we started calling our family and closest friends and told them the news. Insane.

After the appointment, this was definitely the only thing on my mind! After the shock wore off that day, it was replaced with excitement and joy! Twins are the magic of the world that I always have been so obsessed with. I never thought I would be a mom to twins! My husband and I actually joked in my first ultrasound about there only being one. I think it was missed in my first ultrasound because my babies shared a sac and placenta (we learned this later on, mono mono twins). But wow, t-w-o babies! I’m pretty sure I told anyone who looked at me. Yep, that bump – two babies in there!

Two weeks later we did a 3d/4d ultrasound to find out the babies’ genders. We looked away when they went near the private parts so we could be surprised for our gender reveal party that weekend. This day was by far the best day in my whole pregnancy. We got to see the twins do so much! They were snuggling, one twin was even laying on the other one, leg wrapped around the other’s back and all. It was so precious and fun to watch live! Then they separated and one actually pulled his arm back and hit the other one!! I could have sat in that office all day to watch them together. I wasn’t the only one. The stenographer actually extended our time almost by double because she was having so much fun looking at twins.

That weekend, we gathered our closest friends and family for the boys’ reveal. Gender reveals are my favorite part of anyone’s pregnancy. And in my own, it feels like the reward for making it through the awful first trimester. We were pretty certain they were the same gender because it seemed like they shared a sac (we didn’t understand they were momo twins until later). We had the party at my mother-in-law’s house since they have more land than we do and Joseph wanted to be able to shoot his gun. It was a nice compromise, he got to exercise his country side and I got to have my gender reveal party. I wanted a theme I hadn’t seen a lot and finally picked Guns or Roses. My husband, my son, and I all wore Guns n Roses matching shirts. When it was time, Joseph and I went to the open field, just outside of the yard and Joseph shot two targets that let out colored smoke. My guess, and not so secret wish, was girls, but oh was I wrong! It felt like the moment the gun was shot and the smoke came was the longest moment ever. Then the smoke came … BLUE. Then the second, also BLUE! T w o (more) boys! It was a shock but it was so fun and so special. My husband wore a permanent smile for the rest of the day! That day I was officially a boymom!

I don’t understand how anyone who has endured pregnancy doesn’t do a gender reveal party. For me, it’s not only a celebration of your pregnancy but something sentimental to look back on as well. I was thinking about that along with what other things I think twin mamas should enjoy while they can in their pregnancy –


Sleep while you can!! But those feet up as much as you can! And do not for a second feel guilty about it. Sit down and rest! Twins pregnancy is so hard on your body. I felt like I went straight from my first trimester to my third trimester. I was swollen, sore, tired, and heavy much much earlier than in my singleton (one baby) pregnancy. I had to be on a hospital bedrest when I was 27 weeks pregnant until their birth at 34 weeks. A couple days after I was admitted, I could tell a huge difference in my comfort because I was actually resting. I was less swollen, sore, and overall way more comfortable. So please, r e s t!


Every twin mom I knew told me when I was pregnant that twin weight just falls off. I hoped they were right because I indulged! I had the extra 60 pounds to show it too. But I would do it all over again. I may not like my pregnancy pics because of the extra weight. But I love to eat. It made me feel better. So I ate it. Maybe you don’t need to give into every craving .. but come on girl, you are growing TWO babies in there, you deserve it. And more than likely, you will lose it. I was back to pre-baby weight within fourth months of my boys being born.


If you’re anything like me, you like to do this mom thing on your own. But believe me, you need help! No matter if you have kids already or not, if you can accept help, do it! All the people telling you they will babysit, write it down and remind them later. Anyone offering to help around the house or with dinners, say it with me, Yes please! I never understood the term more than I do now, it takes a village. It really does. Please let people help you.

I love my twins and I am so so happy I have them. If you are pregnant with twins, Mama, you’ve got this! If you know someone pregnant with twins or someone who now has twins, offer help and bring food!

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